Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blake Griffin Is Overrated

I've had some writers block lately.  I hated every sentence I wrote about the Super Bowl and never published what is more or less a finished blog.  Something has been bothering me (other than the end of football) and I finally figured it out when I watched the Clippers play the Magic.  I have to get this off my chest...

Blake Griffin is overrated and he shouldn't be an All-Star.  Yeah, I said it.

Griffin is my second favorite player in the NBA.  He went to OU, we share a name, and with the exception of Dwight Howard, he is the most exciting above the rim player.  His highlights are in a class by themselves and his acrobatic play has resurrected a lifeless organization.

The problem with Griffin is what goes on between those highlights.  His numbers are padded from rebounds off of free throws and points at the rim.  He doesn't work hard for position on offense, and he plays no defense.  Zero defense.  He really doesn't even try.  As a fan it borders on embarrassing.  I find myself hoping no one notices.

I'm not saying Griffin isn't good, but he is an incomplete player.  He has unlimited potential, but free throw and mid range jump shooting are negatives along with his nonexistent defense.  He has to learn how to work within the offense and establish post position better.  Fans have a false sense of what he is as a player because they only see his highlights.  He is isn't even close to realizing his potential.  He needs some time to develop. 

My biggest complaint about Griffin as an All-Star is his lack of consistent game impact.  He looks lost on the floor.  He stands around at the top of the key and doesn't have much feel for the pick and roll.  Most of the plays we see on TV come in bursts or explosions more accurately.  He spends too much time not being involved in the game.

I have no doubt his game will improve.  His work ethic has already reached legendary status.  He's got All-Star numbers, but numbers don't always tell the whole story.  When I watch him play I don't see an All-Star.  That being said, he will probably put on an unbelievable show in the All-Star Game.  His inclusion automatically makes the game better.  He actually plays his regular season games like he's in an All-Star Game.  No defense, all highlights.

It's tough to admit that Blake Griffin is overrated.  It's not his fault.  He has become so hugely popular his game cannot keep up with his reputation.  I would guess there are thousands of Blake Griffin "fans" that have never watched a Clippers game.  I think it's awesome that the public has taken to him, but he's not as good as his highlights suggest.  He gets more run than Kobe Bryant on Sportscenter.  How is he supposed to live up to that as a rookie?  He'll get there, but he's not there yet.


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