Monday, June 14, 2010

What Everyone's Talking About

I hate the Texas Longhorns.

Texas destroyed the Big 8 and now have destroyed the Big XII regardless of the final outcome.

I thought when I started publishing my thoughts on sports I would be balanced in my opinions, but that's impossible with Texas. Now that I think of it, I did compare Longhorns fans to child molesters in a previous post, so perhaps balanced was never in the equation.

What is in the equation for my renewed hatred is the fact the Texas Longhorns are directly responsible for the dissolution of the Big XII. Worse than that, as the dominoes are falling with Colorado accepting their invitation to the Pac-10 and Nebraska going to the Big Ten, Texas discovered they could have their own network within the Big XII (which they won't be able to do in the Pac-10) and now they are going to try to "save" the Big XII.

The arrogance of those guys is unbelievable! They already got every monetary concession possible to form the Big XII. This is nothing more than a power play to make more money and further handcuff the conference.

Texas operates as an independent program with the security of being in a conference. Meanwhile, Oklahoma, the best team in the NCAA modern era, the best team in Big 8 history and the best team in Big XII history has absolutely no say about what happens because they don't have a large enough TV market.

That's garbage.

Texas A&M, who's regarded as the little brother of Texas, is so fed up with Longhorn hubris they are ready to join the SEC and rid themselves of their biggest rivalry.

Not Oklahoma. They're just along for the Texas ride. OUs fate lies in Texas' hands. Isn't that great? I heard OU would be welcome in the SEC with Texas A&M, but the SEC has no interest in Oklahoma State (who would?), and that's a deal breaker for Oklahoma.

Pathetic. OUs fate is actually determined by both Texas and OSU.

When I originally heard teams might be leaving the Big XII to join imminent "super conferences," I didn't think it was possible. Beyond that, I didn't want to believe it was possible. I just wanted things to stay the same with Oklahoma as the big dog in the second best conference in the nation. It wasn't broke. Know what I'm sayin?

Now that two teams have left the Big XII and invites were given to the Pac-10, Oklahoma should join a new conference. Why would they want to play in a zombie Big XII with 10 teams and probably no conference championship game?

Here's an idea: Let's give Texas everything they want, make grossly less money than Texas putting us in a competitive disadvantage, and play in a significantly weaker conference. Oooh, Texas, please save the Big XII.

That's why I hate Texas.

I could care less about keeping the rivalry together after this stunt. I would rather play in the Pac-10 without Texas than let them walk over every program in the conference. Especially when you're a team that has been superior throughout the life of the short lived Big XII.

Why can't Oklahoma say, "screw OSU, let's got to the SEC." Politics? OSU can go to the Pac-10, OU to the SEC, and schedule OSU as a non conference game every year. Done.

Right now, no one really knows what's going on. There are conflicting reports on ESPN hourly. The same guy that said, "the move to the Pac-10 is imminent," now reports the Big XII will survive with ten teams.

Until someone who is not a reporter says something, no one knows. I can't believe that money would blind every opinion in the room during these meetings. I hope the choice that's made is in the best interest of the universities, and not solely a financial decision.

There is one thing I am certain of amidst the uncertainty...I hate Texas.


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